Most Popular Questions

1. Who can run the web traffic campaign ?

All website including e-commerce/blog/affiliate offer/product listing/etc can run campaign with us.

However we prohibit to use campaign for website dealing with

  • Illegal content (Drugs, Black Markets, etc)
  • Harmful content (Adwares, Phishing, etc)

2. Are the Visitors I get from campaign real?

Absolutely! We have an excessive amount of real traffic that comes through our domain network. When we receive a visitor on any of the sites in the network we check if they match the targeting you choose, and if they do, they are instantly forwarded directly to your website. No click or ad required.

We do not use bots. Our visitors are real people based on your chosen targets.

3. Where do the visitors come from ?

The visitors come from a large group of our partner websites and domains that we either own and rent. Visitors reach these websites though link building campaigns and social media, they are then forwarded to your website based on the targeting you choose.

Some websites provide us all their traffic, whereas others may provide us with traffic that landed on certain pages.

4. How do I track my Traffic ?

By using any traffic tracking tool available to you.

5. Is this adsense safe ?

Our service can promote sites using any ad platform, but AdSense does not allow forwarded traffic.

Read the AdSense policies here.

6. What payment methods are available ?

We accept

  1. Credit Card
  2.  Paypal Payment

You can choose whichever option suits you well.

7. What will be the visit duration ?

The visitors stay an average of 40 seconds. The actual time depends on the content on your website.

8. Can you guarantee that my total number of visitors will be met ?

Your total volume of visitors will be met thanks to 24/7 monitoring and automatic adjustments in place, that automatically adapt your campaigns to current changes and spikes of competition in real-time, in order to avoid loss of highly interested people into your website’s content.

9. Can you guarantee the sales or signup from the website traffic?

Sales and Signup’s depends on how properly your landing page is optimized and appeal of product or offer. This is something beyond our control. Thus we don’t offer any guarantee on sales and email submit for any offer or product you are promoting. We recommend optimizing your page well before starting any campaign.

Still Need Help?

You can reach us through contact form on the contact us page or can drop as a message through live chat. We recommend using raising a support ticket for any order related issues.